1 - Oh the Thinks YOu Can Think (Seussical)2 - Here on Who (Sessical)3 - Beauty and the Beast (5th Grade Skit)4 - Lost Boy (Brooklyn LeBlanc)5 - Peter Pan (5th Grade Skit)6 - Gollum's Song (Gabe Partridge)7 - Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (Madison Brassow)8 - Lord I Need You (Rachel Lawson)9 - Parkour (Christian Garcia)10 - I See the LIght (Vocal Quartet)11 - Scary Teacher (6th Grade Skit)12 - Guns and Ships ( Graydon York)13 - On My Own (Madison Brassow)14 - The Project (HS Skit)15 - Season's of Love (HS Vocal Ensemble)16 - Blackbird (Cierra Lee & Renee Schaffer17 - Green Eggs and Ham (Seussical)